Sooke Kickboxing

Never in a million years did I think that kickboxing would be a part of my life, let alone change my life.  Little did I know that Sooke Kickboxing was a thing.

Sooke Kickboxing

In my mind, kickboxing was like the brutal fighting you see in movies.  No respect and disgusting behaviour.

Luckily I opened my mind to the idea of kickboxing and decided to give it a try after my son joined Warrior Arts Academy in Sooke.

Kickboxing is the complete opposite of what I thought it was.  I should have known better than to believe what I saw in the movies!  This martial art is all about respect and entering into a battle by agreeing upon the principles of the art.

Before I started kickboxing, my social anxiety was so overwhelming I’m surprised I made it to the first class.  But once I put those gloves on and started throwing punches into the bag, I realized right away that I had awoken something in myself that I didn’t know existed.

Today I am a kickboxing coach in Sooke, I am bronze level certified and I am working towards by gold level certification.

Sooke Kickboxing is taking off and I am over the moon that I can share my passion with all the Sooke Kickboxing ladies!!