Sooke Personal Trainer

I’m certain my calling in life was to be a personal trainer and to be a Sooke personal trainer on top of that, however I didn’t listen to my heart soon enough.  I actually worked out, on my own, when I was a teenager and never thought anything of it.  I did it because I liked it.  I would wake up at five in the morning and run for miles. Sooke Personal Trainer I always had a gym membership and I was one of the dedicated few at the six am classes.


When I graduated, I became a certified personal trainer, naturally, but then I decided to travel and left the training behind.  When I returned home from travelling I fell into a high-paying job and followed the money instead of my passion.


If I only knew then what I know now.  


After spending the majority of my life making money, but not finding happiness in it, I came to the realization that I should have been personal training all along .  I also discovered that my mental health would rely on my fitness.